Resident Evil Village PC performance – the (almost) perfect PC port we all needed

Resident Evil Village is finally here, and while we all knew it was going to look amazing, but what we didn’t know is just how easily we could crank the graphics to the limit on PC. And especially considering that most “next-generation” (as much as such a thing exists on PC) games have been getting harder and harder to run, it’s a relief to have a game as gorgeous as Resident Evil 8, that doesn’t require the literal best gaming PC to see it in all of its glory. 

What’s more, Resident Evil Village is also the first game with ray tracing where wee can actually recommend most people flip it on. It does come with a massive hit to performance, it always will, but the game is so well optimized that it doesn’t really matter, you’re likely going to get more than 60 fps with it enabled, as long as you aren’t trying to use an older graphics card that wasn’t built for it.

At the end of the day, if you’ve been looking forward to Village and taking on the giant vampire lady that everyone’s talking about, PC is the best place to do it – no matter what kind of hardware you have in your gaming rig. 

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Resident Evil Village performance

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