Now is the time to teach kids how to stay safe online

Parents across the country were plunged into a whole new world of childcare when the Covid-19 pandemic hit earlier this year. The resulting lockdown required adults and children to work and learn from home, causing huge changes in our digital behaviour that, understandably, caught families off guard. With one in three (35%) UK parents reporting their family’s tech habits have permanently changed, the challenges for parents that prevailed in the peak of UK national lockdown, such as finding a work-life balance and managing their kids’ technology use, are likely to make a return over winter as outdoor play becomes more challenging.

A study from NortonLifeLock called Pandemic Parenting has found that many UK parents had neither the time nor the technology to give kids safe access to online learning at the peak of UK lockdown this spring. Two thirds (70%) of British parents whose children were at home during the lockdown say their child’s school assumed that tech for online studying would be available at home. But online-connected laptops and tablets were not readily available for all household members, with two in five UK parents (45%) having to buy a new device for their child.

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