Ethical online data collection needs to be a default, not a choice

We are living through a data explosion and with the continued shift online showing no signs of slowing, it’s imperative that businesses are using emerging technologies ethically. One of the fastest growing sectors in this domain is publicly available data collection, with many companies benefiting from the insights this can provide. But what about the technology behind the data collection process, how can businesses be sure they are using ethical providers and not harming a fragile eco-system?

We now live in an era where the law alone fails to provide adequate guidance on publicly available data collection issues. The rapid rate of technological development, especially in the data collection domain, has outstripped the ability of regulators and lawmakers to keep pace with it. What’s more, and this is a matter all data collection operations face today, legal instruments often lack the clarity that is needed to make tough, ethical decisions that all businesses or data collection operators address daily.

Data-driven revolution

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