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Blaine’s Puzzle Blog: NPR Sunday Puzzle (Sep 6, 2020): Ancient Deities

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Sep 6, 2020): Ancient Deities

Q: Name a deity in ancient mythology. The first half of the name, phonetically, names a common object. The second half of the name, by spelling, names another object that is often put inside the first one. What is it?

I don’t, but others might. Anyone else get sidetracked trying to make Loki turn into lock and key?Edit: My main hint was that I don’t put my phone in a purse, but others might. The comment about Loki/Lock/Key was to point out that the pronunciation of “purse” doesn’t match the original syllables of the name, similar how the syllables of Loki don’t sound like “lock” unless you isolate the letters.


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