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Blaine’s Puzzle Blog: NPR Sunday Puzzle (Jan 31, 2021): Driving Across the USA

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Jan 31, 2021): Driving Across the USA

Q: Starting in Montana, you can drive into South Dakota and then into Iowa. Those three states have the postal abbreviations MT, SD, and IA β€” whose letters can be rearranged to spell AMIDST. The challenge is to do this with four connected states to make an eight-letter word. That is, start in a certain state, drive to another, then another, and then another. Take the postal abbreviations of the four states you visit, mix the letters up, and use them to spell a common eight-letter word. Can you do this?

I’m using a list of states directly connected by physical roads/bridges. This leaves out states that might legally touch on a map (e.g. UT-NM, AZ-CO, MI-MN, NY-RI, etc.). But even still, I’m not convinced there is only one answer. I guess it comes down to your definition of “common”.

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